Call for Participants from Sri Lanka!

Dear All!!

SAYSoCC is less than 10 days away, and we have already 30 confirmed foreign participants! Isn’t that great news??

Well now, to get the confirmation from the local participants.

If anyone of you, out there, reading this blog is interested in taking part in this event, these are the registration rates for registrations.

For the participation of the full event, inclusive of food and accommodation 6000 LKR
Participation for 28th of October 2000 LKR
Participation for 29th and 30th of October 1000 LKR
Participation for the summit exclusive of accommodation 4000 LKR

If you be interested in taking part in South Asian Summit on Climate Change, which would help you be part of a great movement, please reply ASAP!!
Times ticking!!

Vositha Wijenayake
Coordinator – SAYSoCC Sri Lanka
00 94 778 758 954

One response to “Call for Participants from Sri Lanka!

  1. wish i would have been selected to make Change Happen in our Climate .
    kudos to all delegates ,
    i hope you people will come out with flying colors and make this event a BIGGEST and SUCCESSFUL ONE and will surely be keeping the agenda up to date even after the Summit .
    wish you all .. @
    have a great time . . @

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